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Jean-Michel LENOIR
Auteur photographe – Paris

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    Sylvan souls

    To suggest rather than to describe, that is the spirit of « The sylvan souls ».

    The praise of the forest when “reality and imaginary

    form an indissoluble whole”.


    • Limited edition - 1000 units
    • $ 25 €
      • Size: 24 x 22 cm
      • 84 pages, Arctic volume paper
      • Self-publishing
      • Printed in May 2013
      • ISBN : 9782361281564

    At the same time vegetable, monument and universal symbol of the life, the tree has always been the source of dreamlike representations and legends.

    It is by immersing myself in the heart of the forest, that the idea to overtake this descriptive vision to enter the universe of the dream came to me.

    On autumn evenings, in the middle of the golden birches and the heathers fired by the last rays of the sunset, the orangey trunks of trees rose in a soft color palette. The magic of the atmosphere could not limit itself to a simple representational, insufficient vision to restore the intensity of moment. It was then necessary to draw from this creative vision and to express what offers us the universe of the forest to fall over to the kingdom of the imagination. Overtake one’s own perception…

    Overtake one’s own perception of things and only retain the main part, some lines, a har- mony of colors to give life to « LES AMES SYLVESTRES « (THE SYLVAN SOULS).

    Pass on from the real world to the one of the dream by transforming its camera into a paint brush.


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