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Jean-Michel LENOIR
Auteur photographe – Paris

SIRET : 751 536 129 00016
TVA : FR 54 751 536 129
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Mob: +33 (0)6 12 33 54 07

    Art Prints

    Limited Edition Art Prints

    “Let imagination enter”

    What is an art print?

    An art print is nothing like a simple reproduction, a poster or a mass printed poster.

    A photographic art print is the expression of a unique, original and limited artwork that meets very strict constraints (governed by the CGI – Art. 98A of Annex 3).


    • It involves traditional craftsmanship: it is printed in a specialized laboratory by a Master printer. It is printed with high quality pigment inks on art paper made from natural fibers and without acidity. This process guarantees exceptional quality, a perfect rendering, faithfulness to the original image and long-term preservation (60 years).
    • It is a beautiful object, rare and precious since no more than 30 copies are printed (all formats included).

    • Finally, it has guaranteed value: the print comes with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the photographer, who himself supervises the realization of the print.

    From a simple print to a ready-made frame

    Print only

    The prints are made by the best approved laboratories on FineArt, Photo Rag or Baryta Hahnemühle paper (matt or satin). Photo Rag has an exceptional matt and velvety finish, which lends the images an extremely aesthetic result. This choice contributes to the pictorial quality of the art prints.

    Formats from 30 x 45 to 120 x 180 cm

    Mounted on Dibond

    The print is mounted on a Dibond panel. This support is made from a polyethylene plate sandwiched between two thin aluminum plates.
    The 3-4 mm support is stable over time and does not undergo any deformation.
    The print can be hung as is on the wall and brings a contemporary touch.

    Formats from 30 x 45 to 120 x 180 cm

    Framed print

    The print is provided with an acid-free white, beveled, picture mount.
    It is placed in a wooden frame with a classic or invisible “gallery” type glass that attenuates 70% of UV rays and renders colors more faithfully. Prints are made by an approved Digigraphie® laboratory on Hahnemühle paper: Photo Rag or Baryta.

    Formats du 30 x 45 to 120 x 180 cm

    Shadow box frame

    The print is glued on a 2 mm Dibond panel and placed in a wooden shadow box (white, black or natural oak). This finish is the one I use for my exhibitions because the rendering is extremely qualitative and fully enhances the images, like paintings.
    An invisible protection spray on the print is offered.

    Formats from 30 x 45 to 120 x 180 cm

    Why an art print ?

    A work of art is always a reflection of the personality of the person who acquires it.

    So, why buy an art print?

    • Most importantly, to enjoy a beautiful, aesthetic, selective and permanent object, and because it is the expression of a particular sensibility.
    • Because it is an original gift, different and handpicked for a person or a special occasion.
    • To bring personality and style to a living space, to dress the walls and emphasize your decoration, whether in a living room, a bedroom or an entrance hall.
    • Because an art print of a photograph is an artwork in itself, its materialization on paper.
    • To trust and support an artist whose eye you will learn to share and whose job it is.

    Whether it is for your personal living space, a head office lobby, offices or a consulting room.

    Treat yourself to a share of the dream, rather than a share of taxes!

    Possible tax exemption for companies, according to Article 238 bis AB of the General Tax Code.

    The bonuses: Customized services

    And for you, what will it be?

    > Possible simulation: whether you are hesitating between several photos, several rooms or whether you are looking to optimize the format according to the space available, it is possible to make a simulation based on a photo of your interior. And it is free!

    > Finishing touches: frames, picture mount, framing sticks, shadow box… or nothing at all !

    > Shipping: on estimate.

    Let yourself be inspired

    A selection of galleries of images available as art prints