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Jean-Michel LENOIR
Auteur photographe – Paris

SIRET : 751 536 129 00016
TVA : FR 54 751 536 129
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Mob: +33 (0)6 12 33 54 07


    “A plea for it to remain, for a long time to come, a source of wonder.”

    Elements - Best of

    Mist-ic moments

    Ode to light

    Evanescences - Best of

    A poetic bubble, like a testimony of the wild beauty that nature offers us in its most fragile and ephemeral form.


    Dreams of mist… Transition between night and dawn, dream and reality, it carries us in a surreal and dreamlike vision of wildlife.


    The line of infinity… “On the horizon, earth and sky blend in the same absence of color”.


    Solitude sends me back to this almost animal state where instinct takes over and guides my steps as a photographer.


    Each time a wild animal appears, it is like a waking dream, like a sparkle of life in the heart of an immaculate scene.


    Giants with feet of ice, appearing from all sides like the lookouts of a fantastic, surreal and sublime scene.

    Sylvan souls

    An encounter between the real and the imaginary world, an expression of the soul of the forests.

    Light on the fjords

    When the sea and the mountain meet, the elements take on their full dimension.

    Hebrides colors

    Water, sand, granite, wind and light give life to an ever-changing spectacle.


    Feeding my photographer’s eye with this raw and powerful, almost uncontrollable energy.


    Sinuous landscapes whose bright colors travel, insinuate and contort themselves in moving bends.

    Land of salt

    When nature plays with geometry, there is an air of graphic poetry.

    These portfolios group together my most personal photographs. They are the result of a quest for powerful atmospheres, where light and the search for beauty are my aesthetic markers. This photographic intention is fueled by my attraction to the great outdoors, from my doorstep to the Atacama Desert, via the Scottish glens and the fjords of Norway.

    A path that feeds my inspiration and my instinct for freedom.

    All of these images are available as limited edition prints.

    A great opportunity to acquire a unique work, the combination of natural and artistic beauty.

    “Treating yourself to an art print is like treating yourself to an open window on the world”.

    Inspired, graphic and minimalist images.
    A poetic bubble, like a testimony of the wild beauty that nature offers us in its most fragile and ephemeral form.