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A passion for nature from an early age led Jean-Michel LENOIR to photography as a means to capture magical moments of nature and wildlife.
For Jean-Michel LENOIR, nature and wildlife photography, which started as a hobby, quickly turned into a real medium of expression, one in which each shot is taken thoughtfully and with care. Photographing nature requires honing the skill of looking at things differently.

Today, Jean-Michel's pictures are showcased at NATURAGENCY, and he publishes, and takes part in competitions and exhibitions; while maintaining a specific understanding of photography that enhances respect and humility.
Perhaps unconventional, Jean-Michel nourishes the idea that we can all take beautiful pictures in our own back yards, provided we take an interest and open our eyes… According to him, photography, as a process, is not the product of happenstance, but rather the result of perceiving that which surrounds us. A quality image is one that successfully captures the natural state of that which is being photographed and its initial graphic rendering.

Through his images, Jean-Michel tries to recapture ambiance and feeling. Light and graphic rendering are two essential
parts that summarize Jean-Michel’s photographic approach,
as they draw the image and recapture the intensity of an emotion. Contemplative by nature, he does not seek
to capture a descriptive image, but rather a suggestive one, one that tells a story, or perhaps an encounter.
The recognition he has receive at recent BBC, Asferico, and GDT photography competitions strengthen
his resolve and encourage him in his photography pursuits.



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